Tuesday, June 16, 2009
We are excited to announce that two large milestones have been reached!

1) Our first chapter meeting was a great success.

We discussed the following:
- The format of future meetings
- Meeting frequency (once a month)
- Future possible topics
- Different methods of spreading awareness
- Rehearsal of FAQ's that we do not completely understand or that have been asked often to be better prepared to answer in the future
- Different media and sources of media we have encountered / read / watched / listened to that have been enlightening
- Short term goals
  • Doubling the attendance of the next meeting - TBA
  • Distributing pamphlets / cards
  • Continuously educating ourselves & the people around us (UNobtrusively) about all aspects of the movement
  • Further web site development

2) Even more exciting we have a link on the main Zeitgeist "local chapters" web page! I hope that we receive more inquiries about how people from our area can contribute to spread awareness. This should also help us greatly with one of our short term goals, doubling the meeting attendance!

Time to get serious, time to get involved!