Wednesday, September 9, 2009

postheadericon Sept 13th Meeting


The fourth meeting of the MI chapter was very inspiring! We had multiple repeat attendees that brought many great ideas to the table. Some of the items discussed were:

- The need for a consistent meeting time and date every month = second Sunday of every month, 12:00 noon.
- Discussion of different media outlets that we have been using to spread awareness and their effectiveness (Facebook, MySpace, Random Forums, Blogspot, etc...).
- "The College Campus Initiative", we have run into a few speedbumps but have formed some new goals to accomplish for the next meeting. If you are a student currently attending any college / university please get in touch, we need your help!
- Creating our own local chapter video piece using sections of other movies / media, still in the works, we need qualified, aware editors willing to lend some expertise!
- We discussed detaching our local chapter from any topics, beliefs, or stances that may eliminate possible interest in the movement.
- Discussion of the previous month's Peter Joseph bi-weekly radio addresses.
- Discussion of recruiting tactics.
- The condensing of the information that is available for hand out. The tri-fold is a beautiful piece of information, but is it too big? Can we spread information with less paper usage?
- We discussed the P.J. London presentation and how it was very well done.
- Discussion of the most potent phrases that we can use on hand outs to create interest & curiosity.
- Discussed the formation of the Western MI website ( and how well done it is, way to go Cider!
- That led to a discussion of how we can improve this website, which is in the works!

*The main goal at this point other than spreading awareness to the general public is to find a consistent, free, sheltered, non-bar, large, safe venue to host our meetings at. We have searched high and low but this has proven to be very challenging. Please email any thoughts you have on this topic ASAP! Detroit has proven to be pretty central to all attendees, but other areas are open for discussion.

The next meeting as discussed above is Sunday the eleventh of October at 1:00 PM. As we continue to search for a venue we will update the site and send a mass email ASAP regarding the location.

We expect the Fifth meeting to be well attended, therefore, it will be very important for you to send a note if you do plan on attending. We will have to make sure the chosen venue is large enough.

We need people with diverse ideas that are serious about making a difference! We need YOU to get involved!