Monday, August 3, 2009

postheadericon Third Meeting


Our apologies for the delay in updating the site.

The third meeting was the most productive and had the highest attendance so far! We are very thankful to the people that are making the effort to come out and support the cause!

We had a number of great conversations about the format of future meetings, mainly how to eliminate tangents and to be as productive as possible. We discussed a number of different ways of spreading awareness on a larger scale, some of the topics were: setting up a booth at schools & universities, concerts & sporting events and also speaking in front of groups that have similar focus (such as Rotarians, the Green Party, etc...).

Another topic revolved around the different media that has enlightened our lives. On that same note we would like to create a video that is a quick summary of different medias that are concise and effective. That being said, taking parts of the Z movies and a few others like "The Story of Stuff" and making it somewhat user friendly to be educated about the obvious issues in our world and what we can do about it. One of the attendees is skilled in video editing and has begun this process.

We had a nice demographic that represented a good amount of the generations that exist. People from High School through middle aged individuals. This was great in that everyone brought a different perspective to the table.

At the end of the meeting everyone was very excited and inspired. Once again thank you to all that came out.

On a side note, we would like to create a mailing list & database of interested individuals that are committed to the movement. This will also allow us to send email updates between meetings. Please send an email if you would like to be added to the list, we will send a mass email towards the end of next week to update our current progress with the current action items. Of course this will be duplicated on this site. Please include as much info about yourself as possible especially what general area you reside in so we can find the most convenient city to meet in for everyone. Another topic you might include are personal strengths & resources that you'd be willing to donate to the local movement.

The fourth meeting will most likely be held in a different location, probably in the Auburn Hills / Rochester area in a library, public park, something of this nature. A few individuals mentioned that the bar atmosphere may not be the best atmosphere and it may effect the attendance levels.

The next meeting will most likely be early September. Please send any feedback on locations, times, dates, anything that can help us help you make the meeting.

In the mean time please do not hesitate to comment below or send us emails about thoughts for the next meeting or just pertinent thoughts in general.

Our apologies for the delay in getting back to the emails that are sent to the site. They are all great ideas, it's just a matter of getting the time to reply. We are receiving them, we're finally getting caught up, we will respond soon.

Thank you again for staing tuned in, it's time to get serious, time to get involved!