Friday, November 13, 2009

postheadericon November 8th Meeting


The snowball continues to roll down the hill gaining mass and momentum!

We are very happy to report that this past Sunday's meeting was yet again a great success. We had a decent turn out of attendees some of which were repeat, some that were new.

We want to point out that the next meeting HAS BEEN RE-SCHEDULED, it is now the Third Sunday of the month (Dec20th), 1:00 PM, Novi Public Library, please put it in your schedule.

We opened with introductions as always then went on to discuss our current goals. This led into the topic of the local chapter's mission statement formation which has been a high priority since the last meeting. We should have something for everyone to look at next month.

We also discussed the following:

- The Wayne State Screening is on a temporary holding pattern until we complete one last red tape task. We do not know how long this will take, but we assure you that our contact at Wayne State is working very diligently to make it happen, we will keep you posted.
- We discussed the MI portal site ( and the look / effectiveness. We had some great ideas to improve the page come about during the meeting that we will implement ASAP.
- We discussed our meeting with one of the members of the Green Party SE MI. This meeting went better than we could have expected. We gained a lot of knowledge and further local initiatives, not to mention making a new friend that has pledged the local Green Party's support to our cause.
- We discussed the US Social Forum (USSF) that will be held at Cobo Hall / Joe Louis Arena on June 22 - 26th. As their website states: "The US Social Forum is a movement building process. It is not a conference but it is a space to come up with the peoples’ solutions to the economic and ecological crisis." They are expecting 30,000 + individuals to attend this event from all over the country. We plan on not only being present at the event, but to also help with the organizing of the event in any way possible. Check out the website if you would like more information:

- After going over current and past initiatives each member discussed their personal initiatives for a short period of time. Myself, Dave, Matt & Casey all spoke about our current actions. We also discussed some of the actions that members that could not attend are pursuing.

We have been working on the following (not in any particular order):
- Creating / maintaining the general infrastructure of the local chapter.
- The website design / Online presence.
- The Green Party meeting(s).
- Getting involved with the USSF.
- Literature / pamphlet design.
- Attending local concerts that may provide a fertile ground information distribution (Handing out our newly designed pamphlets at the Skinny Puppy concert was a great success).
- Attempting to contact and set up meetings with local & non local celebrities such as Michael Moore, R.A.T.M, and other large names that claim to be working towards similar goals as TZM.
- Designing statements / phrases that we can utilize on our literature that may result in more interest / curiosity.
- Pulling together ideas regarding a local short film that discusses the local problems that we face and offering TZM as a possible solution.
- Other possible venues for a movie screening.
- We discussed Z Day 2010, the fact that we don't have a plan as of this moment, which we need to get working on immediately. It is still a toss-up between planning our own local event or car pooling out to the NYC main event.
That wraps up the minutes summary from the last meeting.

We would like to also make everyone aware of
We have signed up to help this initiative on a local level and will keep everyone posted as new information is available. Make sure you check out the website!

Once again the next meeting HAS BEEN RE-SCHEDULED, it is now the Third Sunday of the month (Dec20th), 1:00 PM, Novi Public Library

As always our goal is to grow this movement to a level of critical mass. This can not be accomplished without YOUR support! We need anyone and everyone to donate somehow. Different ways of donating include your time, talents, resources, a few dollars, etc... This movement has a lot of momentum, but it could be your idea or you donation that helps us achieve our various goals!

There is so much going on within our local chapter that the active members will be meeting more than once a month. If you feel that you would like to get more active or have an initiative that you are personally working on please let us know via email and we can add you to the core mailing list. We will use this list to get quick feedback, request immediate support, and to arrange core member meetings.

The main mailing list that you are most likely already on will continue to be used for general updates, progress reports, calls to action, and main meeting information.

Until next time!
Saturday, November 7, 2009

postheadericon Sunday's SE MI Zeitgeist Meeting / Call to action!


In an effort to keep the lines of communication open we wanted to make sure that you are aware that we ARE having our monthly meeting this Sunday as planned. The meeting is at the Novi Public Library at 1:00 PM.

A lot of great things are happening behind the scenes these days, which is mainly what we will be reporting on during the meeting. We have at least five people that are actively working different initiatives and we expect to have some positive reports during the meeting.

We will also be talking about initiatives that we need help with. We will have a number of initiatives that YOU can personally be a part of!

On that same note, many of you have emailed with fire in your hearts, but most of the time that fire obviously, unfortunately subsides. This is obvious due to your lack of communication, attendance, & involvement.

So why is this?

We gave this thought challenge to one of the individuals that has been very active with the chapter (David). After talking at great lengths with active members (and watching a lot of J. Krishnamurti videos) he created the following statement:

Changes in perception can be caused by very subtle occurrences. The simple occurrence of learning a new word can vastly change how one perceives the world. When the cryptic symbols above a door are suddenly perceived as the word “Enter”, a whole new level of possibility, a new opportunity for insight is revealed. Once we perceive, we have the capacity to comprehend. Comprehension however, is only thought. Thought cannot change anything. Thought does not take us through the door. Thought will not bring us into the new realm of insight. Thought/Comprehension is only the key to unlock the door. Action is the child of comprehension, just as comprehension is the child of perception.

Each of us took the first step toward radical (fundamental) revolution of the mind when we decided to change our perceptions by watching the Zeitgeist movies and getting in touch with your local chapter. We were already aware, prior to viewing, that there was a crisis. We are now aware that it is a “crisis in consciousness”. It is “a crisis that cannot, anymore accept the old norms.” Once something is known, it can never be unknown. We can deny it. We can try to forget it, but it will always be there, “like a splinter in your mind”.

Comrades, this is a call to action! We act because the old norms are no longer acceptable, no longer feasible, no longer tolerable, and no longer suitable to a human existence. Once we begin to see the bars of our prison, at what point do we stop trying to escape? I say never! Action must be taken, because we can no longer live the way we did before our perceptions changed. Let us now act together, each of us doing our part, using our unique strengths, using our unique abilities. Each of us was born to play a part in demanding, acquiring, and securing our collective freedom. Our destinies have been crossed, and the movement is gaining momentum. We are one, let us act as one!

David, we applaud your (and J.K.’s) ability to put these thoughts into such clear statements. We hope that the above thoughts may help re-ignite that fire within all that receive this email!

Don’t worry about sending an RSVP, don’t worry about having a plan when you arrive, just show up and be counted!

See you Sunday,