Friday, October 2, 2009

postheadericon October 11th SE MI Chapter Meeting


The Oct 11th meeting was another great success.

The Novi library turned out to be a wonderful spot to cultivate ideas and catch up on past / present initiatives. We had numerous first time attendees, although, there's still plenty of chairs to be filled!

We discussed the following topics this time around:

- For the newcomers we talked about our current goals and the methods we have discussed and are presently acting on to achieve these goals.
- A few of us gave updates on current activities that we have been working on to further spread awareness. We are finally seeing some of our thoughts turn into actions!
- We discussed a few new awareness spreading ideas.
- We discussed the revision of our literature / handouts. How can we modify these items to further create curiosity, to further motivate self enlightenment? What phrases, quotes, pictures, etc can we utilize to grab more attention?
- On that same thought process we discussed what exactly inspired each of us to get involved and how we can use these thoughts to modify our tools.
- We briefly discussed larger attention getting actions, which lead to the thought of Z Day 2010. We will either hold a large event here or carpool out to the New York event. Everyone was leaning towards something local, although, we need more members to assist in the planning and attending of a large event.
- We had an individual travel from northern MI to learn more about the chapter and how they can form one in their home town. We hope to see this happen in the near future!
- We discussed different movies, books, etc that somehow relate to our cause, and it's amazing how many there are! We will eventually create a list that you can access from the website.
- We also talked about the fact that a few of us are going to visit Venus, FL Halloween weekend. We would like to arrive prepared with some of the main questions that continue to surface and see how Jacque would respond. If you met Jacque, what would you ask him?

We are working hard to create a new SE MI website, and also to create a MI portal that will immediately direct you to the different MI chapter websites the moment you click on There will be no need to hunt for the different chapter links if you're not from the SE MI area.

The next meeting will be at the same place (Novi Library), November 8th @ 1:00 PM.

All of that being said we get more and more motivated with every meeting that takes place. At first this was just a few friends talking about ideas, this has now turned into a local movement, and is shows no signs of slowing down! There's so much confusion going on in the world right now it couldn't be a better time to get the word out. We live in a very fertile area, if we put in work, we will get attention, it's as simple as that. The more people that we have in attendance, the more ideas from great minds will be available, the more this will grow. We need to know that there are people out there that care. We need to know that YOU are out there! If you are truly pissed off at the establishment, if you are unhappy with the typical shit we deal with day in and day out let's see some feedback! Show us how much you care by getting involved! We have a lot of work to do, we need your help!

What makes you any different than the great minds of the past? What is it that stops you from getting involved? You have a chance to change the world for the better, so what are you waiting for?

It has to start some place; it has to start some time! What better place than here, what better time than NOW!