Thursday, February 3, 2011

postheadericon Post ZMF Release Update - Feb


Sorry for the delay of this post-screening update!

I’m sure by now you have heard that the “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” release was a wild success and turned into an unprecedented film release premiere! Here are some noteworthy examples of the global impact of ZMF: In S.E. Michigan we had a 275 seat theater over 80% full, not bad! In Vancouver, Canada they booked an 820 seat theater but had about 2,000 people show up! In Serbia the chapter had a 400 seat theater overflowing with people, many people sitting on the floor and in the aisles! The Brazil Chapter is reporting over capacity crowds and booked new screenings in larger venues. India, has reported our largest venue at 2,000 seats at Goa University. The Italian chapter had arguably the biggest TV celebrity in Italy, Paolo Bonolis, attend the Rome screening and publicly express his love for ZMF. He wants to dedicate an episode of his programme, "Il senso della vita", to the Zeitgeist Movement. His show reaches up to 8 million viewers and is among the most watched in Italy. Dozens of broadcasting requests have come in for post Jan 25th television broadcasts, as well as film festival interest.

The Monroe chapter coordinator was kind enough to record some first impressions after the screening and edit them into a video:

The film is now available online at the following link; please help this video go viral!

Very important!!: IMDB is the premiere Internet Movie Database and right now "ZMF" is rated #1 on the “documentary” list. This is substantial as the industry uses this. Spread this and encourage everyone should vote by rating "ZMF" on IMDB... you can easily register with your FB info and get the vote in:

It's rated #1 now so let's keep it up there and make the rating even higher by voting "10" on it!

Also, Peter Joseph has presented an hour long radio update on various Movement issues along with info on the incredibly successful global release of "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" featuring a Resource-Based Economy.

Following this show he will continue with the remaining Lecture Topics previously denoted, please tune in.

The next meeting is this Sunday the sixth @ 12:30 PM at the Phoenix Café in Hazel Park. We have lots to talk about with Z-Day right around the corner; we hope to see a great turnout so we can have many minds to bounce ideas off of!


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