Monday, November 1, 2010

postheadericon The New Film (ZMF) & This Sunday's Meeting


It’s time to hit the polls! No, we’re not talking about wasting your time voting for politicians, it’s time to get a count of attendees for the new Zeitgeist film screening in the Metro Detroit Area (!!

We have begun the process of securing the venue for the Zeitgeist Moving Forward screening mid January. We have what we believe to be the optimum setting for this film, and now we need your help!

If you ever thought: “I’d like to get more involved with the Zeitgeist Movement”, then now is the time to prove it, this is a call to arms!

We need to get as accurate of a count of attendees as possible. That being said, we have set up a poll on the top of this site: We are asking you to please go to the top of this site and vote on the poll at the top. Only individuals that have signed up to “follow” this blog can vote, and you can only vote once. The deadline for this poll will be Nov 13th, this should give everyone plenty of time to log on and vote. We are going to count one vote to equal three people, since most people can get at least two of their friends / family / co-workers / acquaintances to join them for the film. If you know for sure that you can get more than three people please just send us an email ( rather than using the poll.

If for whatever reason you can not vote or would rather just reply via email please do so ( When you reply please note not only that you’re interested, but also how many people you realistically believe you could get to join you.

Once we have an idea of the attendance we will then either rent the facility out for one evening, or if there is enough interest we will be able to run the film multiple times in the month of Jan.

If you have any involvement or experience in the independent film world and have any thoughts about this screening please send us an email.

Remember that the next meeting is this Sunday at the Phoenix Café; we hope to see the biggest turnout so far!

So, let the polling begin!

Thank you very much,


Drake Shackelford said...

I'm 16 years old, and politically active, I consider myself an idealist revolutionary philosopher, and my name is Drake Shackelford.
No this isn't some silly self promotion I was just going to say that my dad Phillip Shackelford, might be coming with me on the day of the movie.
Above this, I was wondering, if I'll even be allowed to attend the meetings, I see no reason why I wouldn't be, but I still feel like I have to ask.

Other than that, I must say that I would like to be an active member, in the community, in the movement, and so forth.

and I will be attending Sunday, with my father. I hope to see you all then. said...

Drake, yes the meetings are open to everyone. We look forward to meeting you and your father. Thank you for the comment.

nikkitp said...

Hello all, I'm new to the site and unfortunately missed the last there another scheduled? I hated to see only 9 ppl for attending the screening in many members do we have? said...

Yes, the next meeting is this Sunday at the Phoenix Cafe in Hazel Park at 12:30 PM, please see the 11/15/10 post.

It's challenging to say exactly how many members there are in this local chapter. There are 400,000+ worldwide, although, a "member" is anyone that does anything to spread the awareness of the movement. That being said, we have around 90 that follow this blog, and around fifteen that are active with the chapter. When we say "active" we mean people that show up to the meetings and help out with different initiatives.