Wednesday, May 25, 2011

postheadericon Zeitgeist in the Hazel Park Memorial Day Parade


This Memorial Day (Monday @ 10:00 AM) we have been accepted as a participant for the Hazel Park Memorial Day Parade.

We are calling out for volunteers to help us represent the local chapter of The Zeitgeist Movement this Memorial Day, Monday May 30th @ 10:00 AM. We will meet at The Phoenix Café at 9:30 to gather ourselves. Please email with any questions, comments, concerns.

During the parade we will simply be walking within the parade holding poster boards that we all individually make along with the 16’ x 4’ & 6’ x 3’ banners that we have. We plan on individually making signs (please inquire if you want to make a poster board to bring, there are strict rules). We will also be prepared with DVDs and postcards as hand-outs. Please help us print postcards (please email for a PDF of postcards)and burn DVDs of ZMF or Addendum if possible.

The dress code for all participants is as follows: We’re trying to get everyone to be in a similar outfit to have a uniform look: White T- shirt / sweatshirt, TZM logo (from to iron on (you can get the iron-on sheets at any craft store or office supply store such as Michaels or Staples, and any kind of pants / shorts.

We need volunteers to help out for this to be successful. We also need to know that you WILL be attending. Please respond to this email letting us know if YOU CAN attend the parade, confirmations only please.

We may be meeting Sunday at one of our homes or possibly the Phoenix to prepare some of the signs and uniforms. Please also let us know if you would be interested in meeting Sunday (probably mid-day or evening) to help out.

We are looking forward to this event; it will be one hell of a learning experience!

We look forward to your replies, once again please email with any questions, comments and/or concerns!


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