Wednesday, September 7, 2011

postheadericon S.E. MI local Zeitgeist Chapter - Sept Update


Hello, we hope the summer is treating you well!

The S.E. MI local Zeitgeist events that are happening in the foreseeable future are as follows:

This Saturday September 10th:

The next meeting is going to take place at the next festival tabling in an effort to get more attendance at our Z booth. That being said, we are going to be tabling the Dally in the Alley Festival this Saturday the 10th (or if it rains on Saturday it is postponed until Sunday the 11th). The meeting itself will not be the typical “sit down and discuss the future of our chapter” style meeting. Due to the fact that we are tabling yet another festival we will be introducing the movement to festival attendees more than discussing future plans. Since we are not having the typical meeting this month we are hoping that more of you will be willing to lend a small amount of time to the Zeitgeist booth.

We will be located in the non-profit vendor area (We believe it’s zone 4). Can’t wait to see you there!

Dally History -

What began as an inner city art fair in 1977 evolved into a performing arts festival when it was moved to its present alley and renamed in 1982 to “DALLY IN THE ALLEY”, the title of a medieval drinking song. Great musical talent, good beer and a remarkable string of fabulous September weather has indelibly marked the alley at Second and Forest in Detroit’s Cass Corridor as the site of the best music festival in the Midwest.

Gary Grimshaw designed the first Dally poster in 1982, featuring Brian Taylor’s dancing cats, replicas of which grace a garage wall at Third and Forest . Gary also created the 1986 and 1997 posters. Other recent Dally poster artists include Steven Goodfellow (1996), Glen Barr (1998), Kevin Stanislowski (1999), Mary Iverson (2000), Jerome Ferretti (2001), and Shades (2002). The 2005 Dally Poster was designed by Mark Heggie.

The Dally expanded beyond its original alley to include Forest Avenue in 1997 and added the Urban Electronica stage on Second Avenue in 1999. The skateboard ramps of 1999 were subsequently banned by the police department, but new and weird events are added every year.

Both the quality and quantity of the food and art vendors has significantly improved since our 1977 beginnings, and more than 100 participants sell food, beer and things one can only find in the Cass Corridor.

Third Wednesday the 21st:

Third Wednesday Free Movie Nights! We will be deciding the exact movie during the above event.

Remember we can’t do this without YOU!!!

We hope to see you soon!

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