Tuesday, December 21, 2010

postheadericon December Update


We have lots of good news to share with you!

First, the December fifth meeting went very well, we had a great number of attendees, some regulars and some new. The next meeting will be January 2nd same place, same time (Phoenix Café, 24918 John R Rd, Hazel Park, MI 48030 @ 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM). We will also have a second meeting on January 9th to gather people to hit the streets to get the attached poster into as many public spaces as possible. The meeting place for this initiative will be announced at the January 2nd meeting.

If you are not on the main local chapter email list please send a request to be added to: zeitmi@gmail.com

Please don’t hesitate to email us at any time if you have any ideas about promoting The Movement or the ZMF Film, no need to wait for the meetings!

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward Update:

Everything is confirmed! The Royal Oak Main Art Theater has the movie programmed into their system; therefore, pre-sale tickets are available! I already bought twenty tickets to sell to friends, family, co-workers, etc... We suggest that you do the same!
Also, the price has been lowered to $5.00 per ticket in an effort to increase the turnout of the screening.

We are on the ZMF global map, check it out: http://www.zeitgeistmovingforward.com/zmap

The autonomous, non-profit, theatrical release of Zeitgeist: Moving Forward is taking shape in an unprecedented way across the world. As of Dec.9th, there are over 100 locations screening in 24 languages across 32 countries starting Jan. 16th... and there were 5 weeks left to go.

Thank you to all who have donated, the members of the local chapter have been very generous. We still have more to do though, which of course costs money… The next monetary goals all relate to the printing and distribution of the promotional poster (if you don't have a copy please email a request for a digital copy that you can print). If you can print some out that’s great, if you can’t and would rather donate funds for printing that’s great too. If you cannot do either but would like to help out please join us at the meeting Jan 2nd to get some of the printed copies to distribute in your neighborhood.

There is going to be a tech screening of this film at an unannounced date and time prior to Jan 20th. If you would like to be one of the first five people to see the movie and to be present at the tech screening here’s your chance. The individual(s) that donate the most funds to the local chapter before January 2nd will be able to sit in on the tech screening. You can donate in person at the meetings, on the local chapter website (http://zeitmi.blogspot.com/) using the chip-in widget, or by mailing your donation to PO BOX 9, New Baltimore, MI 48047. The winner(s) will be announced at the meeting on Jan 2nd.

Please don’t forget to get your tickets early as the box office has already sold quite a few. It’s looking like this event will sell out!

Don’t hesitate to email with any thoughts, questions, and/or concerns.

We wish a safe and happy holiday season & New Year to you and yours!