Thursday, January 6, 2011

postheadericon SE MI TZM Update 1/6/11


The January 2nd meeting was wonderful as always. Lots of great ideas were discussed and a new chapter has bloomed from this meeting! Congrats to the Monroe chapter for all of your hard work! The contact info for the Monroe chapter is at the end of this post.

The SE MI Chapter agenda for the next few weeks is as follows:

This Sunday Jan 9th, 12:30PM – We are gathering at the Phoenix Café at 12:30PM to distribute various posters for Zeitgeist: Moving Forward promotion. We will then disperse and hang as many in the surrounding area for the next hour or so. We also discussed the possibility of meeting at a restaurant / bar afterwards to celebrate the day of promoting.

Next Sunday Jan 16th, 12:30PM– The final meeting at the Phoenix Café @ 12:30PM prior to the movie screening on Jan 20th.

Thursday Jan 20th, 7:00PM – Zeitgeist: Moving Forward screening @ the Royal Oak Main Art Theater - 118 North Main Street, Royal Oak, MI, 48067 (248) 263-2111. Make sure to get your tickets early, it will sell out quickly!

Please email with any questions, comments, concerns and thank you for all you do!

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Meetings every first Sunday of every month at the Phoenix Café @ 12:30 PM
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